Stine Goya Rita Tote Bag Accessories Check

Rita Tote Bag - Check

Simple tote bag with patchwork check pattern, 2 shoulder straps and STINE GOYA logo. Made of 100% Organic Cotton.

Organic cotton is an alternative to regular cotton. It is a natural and renewable fibre, produced using natural processes instead of toxic chemicals.

100% Organic Cotton

The bag measures 45 cm x 39 cm
Each handle is 55 cm long

In Stine Goya’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection, the wearer is led on a cinematic journey through the surreal scenes of Pedro Almodovar’s work. ‘Rhapsody in Red’ aims to showcase the unexpected and fierce beauty of Almodovar’s muses through bright trailblazing colour palettes, exuberant prints, and unapologetic silhouettes.

Stine Goya Rita Tote Bag Accessories Check
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