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“Colours are fascinating and tell so many stories – from grandiose or dramatic tales to intimate poetry. For me, colours are an inexhaustible source of inspiration; an almost raw material I love to develop further. Colours can be mixed in infinite ways, creating new shades that tell personal tales of colour, style and print.
I love that.”

— Stine Goya


Designer Stine Goya established her namesake brand in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006. 


STINE GOYA’s four seasonal collections, artist collaborations and fashion shows continue to receive international acclaim thanks to their signature marriage of colour & print.


The privately owned independent label presents four international collections
a year, Autumn/Winter, Pre-Spring, Spring/Summer and Pre-Fall, comprising approximately 150 styles in each collection, including accessories and footwear.


Collections are developed at the label’s in-house design studio, and are initially presented at the Copenhagen-based showroom with support from the Sales, Customer Service, Own Retail, Production, Graphic, PR & Marketing, and Finance departments, who together with the management team oversee the global exposure and expansion of the company.


A selected group of agents and partners proudly represent STINE GOYA globally, and more than 450 retailers currently carry the brand.


Establishing the wholesale landscape and the right partnerships has been a deliberate, organic process. STINE GOYA works systematically with partners to secure the future growth and most relevant exposure of the brand. The development has moved homogenously from focus on small, independent retailers to the ambitious target of department stores
and profile e-tailers.


STINE GOYA is currently represented online and in department stores, large and small retailers, consignment and high-end design shops across all continents.