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Set between the banks of the River Nile and the depths of the Ethiopian forest – the Stine Goya Pre Spring 2020 Collection, draws inspiration from Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi’s renowned opera Aida – a vivid yet tragic depiction of lives torn apart and countries destroyed in the struggle between love and loyalty.

Drawing on the rich iconography of ancient Egyptian Art, the collection’s seasonal mix of hand-drawn prints bring Verdi’s protagonist to life. Aida’s signature Jasmine flower, a symbol of beauty and sensuality - threads across five colour stories. The strong silhouette and rich hues of the Monika dress with gold embroidered finish, tie Aida’s royal lineage with the life source of Egyptian culture – the River Nile. While in contrast, the Poppy Top with ruffle neck takes on a lighter, playful nature in crisp aqua and lilac.

Elements of the ancient Egyptian canon are interpreted through the Goya lens, from hieroglyphics to manuscript drawings and ancient symbolism. Serpents, papyrus reeds and lotus flowers blend seamlessly with contrasting palettes – representing day and night, war and peace. The range of violets and Goya pinks feel soft and romantic while deep mocha, rich golds and dahlia red draw references to antiquity, faded glory and sacrifice.

Silhouettes drape with ease and pleating featured throughout adds a modern spin – evident in the snakeskin Clem dress. Just as prints are a critical part of the Stine Goya DNA, textures and an expanded range of materials has become a key focus.

With this collection, we introduce quilted applique print embroidered with Jasmin motifs, waffle-finish knitwear and woven silks adding depth and variety to classic and new styles.