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The bold and innovative use of colour has been one of Stine Goya’s strongest contributions to the world of Danish fashion, and with Pre Fall 2018, this deeply felt and personal understanding takes center stage with a collection that explores the whole world of colour theory.

Harmony versus chaos, tonality together with contrast, muted alongside bright - the science of how we perceive and relate to different shades provides the inspiration not only for the palette and prints but also for the clothes themselves.

Here also contrasts are key, with structure against softness, tailoring with femininity and volume mixed with sleekness.

As always the colour palette carries Stine Goya’s signature Peach Pink but this season it broadens to include tonal shades of berry, fuchsia and orange. Providing the stimulating contrasts at the opposite end of the colour wheel are shades of mint green, powder blue and zingy lemon. However the alchemy of colour-work really happens when these hues are mixed and juxtaposed. A graphic optical print confuses the eye with different scales altering our perceptions of colour whilst Illusion stripes on knits play with contrast shades giving a shimmering effect.

Strong colour always lends itself to florals and this season silk and jersey are blooming with vibrant overblown flowers. The same design is also rendered in a bold jacquard - perfect for a summer party. Another striking print sees a clash of florals, moorish tiles, rococo ourishes and polka dots either in full colour or - providing a break from the rainbow - in black and white tones that emphasis the graphic shapes. And taking colour away from print and into strong texture is a youthful party group of graphic stripes in sequins: 
the ultimate in sporty glamour.

The silhouettes of the collection reflect the contrasts and harmonies of the colour palette. Languid silk trousers and wrap dresses provide a long lean shape that is highlighted by voluminous tops and ballooning sleeves. Jumpsuits and bomber jackets add a sporty counterpoint to the elegance whilst colour-blocked knits provide a graphic edge.

Most importantly, tailoring in the form of navy suits with rainbow piping or sleek belted coats in powder blue are the necessary points of calm in the profusion of colour and print.

Accessories add a whimsical footnote to the collection. Bright sandals in metallic leather or suede continue with the colour clash theory whilst flower embroidery on satin loafers mixes fanciful with practical. Bringing an ironic detail to the footwear, a new heart-shaped stud makes an appearance on the soles of shoes. Colour theory may be a science, but in the hands of an artist, it becomes pure magic.

Enjoy the mix, enjoy the contrast and enjoy the collection.