Stine Goya Scrunchie Accessories 3069 Abstract Floral

Scrunchie - Abstract Floral

Scrunchie in Abstract Floral. Scrunchy with an abstract pattern on soft sheened material and stretchy elastic band. Recycled Polyester blend.

Recycled polyester is an alternative to virgin polyester, made from recycled plastics.
Making garments from recycled polyester requires less energy, prevents plastic bottles from becoming landfill and produces less pollution.

70% Recycled Polyester/30% Polyester
Machine wash

One size

In Stine Goya’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, powerful and distorted images are brought to life through bold patterns, strong silhouettes, and subversive digital perspectives. Inside Out creates the perfect balance between technological structure and natural elements, to give the wearer a vivid equilibrium where nothing is as it seems.

Stine Goya Scrunchie Accessories 3069 Abstract Floral
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